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Mom, Dad — please take that pic

Don't wait for the perfect lighting or the Instagram-worthy moment

Don’t wait for the perfect lighting or the Instagram-worthy moment. Here are 7 reasons why you should capture everyday family life.

Because kids grow up. (Sniff.)

We think we’ll remember everything – don’t we spend hours just gazing at our baby’s face, and memorizing that funny smile that melts your heart even if you are this close to screaming at them?

But we won’t. The days blur, and the babies grow up. The everyday routines and rituals change as they need us less and less. As one mom said, “Every night I would give my daughter bath, and then one night she said she could do it herself. If I had known that was the last time I would wash her hair and make funny bubble hairdos or wrap a towel around her and pull her in for a hug, I would not have told her to hurry up. I would have slowed down, and savored it all.”

Capture the everyday chores and parenting routines. Because one day will be the last day you do it.

Because your kids will love to see them.

My daughter’s favorite “bedtime book” is her baby album. She likes seeing her pictures, and she likes the stories behind them even more. We kept a baby book with the usual monthly weight, height, and standard milestones but she really doesn’t care what age she started walking. She wants the details and memories. “I fit into that tiny sling? That was my favorite toy? What lullaby did you sing to me? Oh yeah, I remember that… but tell me again, tell me again!”

Because they make great bribery stories.

Save the pics of them in Halloween costumes. Put them in a special folder marked “Wedding Video.”

And this is us doing the Mom Dance when we take a cool pic that we know will drive them crazy in the future.


Because Mom brain.

Blame it on the epidural and lack of sleep, but there’s actually a great deal of hilarious and wonderful parenting moments that we forget. Whenever you’re feeling bleh and meh, go through your picture archive. Suddenly you’ll remember things or realize how full and happy your life actually is.

Because photos are our Happy Place.

We love our kids, but let’s be honest: parenting is hard, and there are moments when we wondered why we didn’t just get a dog. That’s when we take out the family pics and remind ourselves why it’s worth it. Especially when the kids do this:


Because this is what matters to you

Jenny R. remembers when the house next to hers had a fire. She rushed to evacuate her things, and the first thing she grabbed wasn’t her jewelry, but her scrapbooks and the drives where she had saved her family photos. (Note to self: get cloud storage photo backup.)

And this is actually what matters most to your kids.

You don’t have to make the perfect meal plan, have a super neat house, or buy the latest toy. What matters to your kids is time with you. And photos capture that time together. It is the best and most important heirloom you will ever pass on.

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