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How smart moms save (and still get quality)

Designer buys at ukay ukay prices -- yes, please.

We prepare for the big costs (like tuition and childcare) but it’s the small, daily expenses that add up and shock us at the end of the day. Moms share how they keep spending in check but still make sure all bases are covered.

Get two kinds of diapers

Get a more affordable diaper for daytime, when you can change it often, and a premium one for the night.  Stella Ampil, who had a baby and toddler in diapers, says she saved P2500 a month just from this alone,. Italso helped her get her eldest toilet-trained. “When a diaper’s really thick and absorbent you don’t really notice the times of the day when she pees, and she doesn’t feel the need to tell you either. When we shifted to generic diapers we knew when she would get wet. That helped us set a bathroom routine, and in 4 months she was using the potty.”

 Buy denims at secondhand stores

Kids’ jeans cost as much as adult sizes, and outgrew them in months! Gigi says she shops for  secondhand shorts and pants at second hand stores. “They’re actually worn in, soft and more comfortable for the kids. You can even find designer labels there – for just P50 to P75!”

Sign up for digital book subscriptions

Tracy Aquino was delighted that her toddler loved to read, but children’s books were expensive and he rarely reread the books. So she signed up for Epic, an app that gives you access to hundreds of children’s books that he can read on a tablet. Epic also rewards reading with stars and trophies, and recommends other titles based on your child’s selection.

Start a “Sharing Club” with your mom friends

Betsy Go and her PTC mommy friends trade books and toys. “It started when I said that my daughter no longer liked Disney Princesses and wouldn’t use any of the accessories she’d collected at the height of her obsession. Another mom offered to trade them for the dinosaur toys her older son had outgrown and my son had just gotten into. Soon all the moms were exchanging books and toys. We started a private Facebook group were people could post what they wanted to sell or trade, and invited people to join it at the next PTC.  Now we have over 400 members from other grade levels. We trade and sell costumes, books, and even pass on test reviewers!”

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