Real Parents Talk

If you thought your day was bad…

5 working moms share their most embarrassing moments.

Some days we can do it all. Other days… well, we laugh it all off and offer each other a hug (and a shawl). Five working moms share their most embarrassing moments.

Do you want a bib with that?

“I’m the marketing manager of a company that has its head office in Germany. Three of our foreign bosses were in town, and we took them to this classy hotel buffet.  Being the ever helpful host, I got a platter of roast beef so our guests wouldn’t have to line up.

The Vice President – this very stern, serious and proper man — asked for a slice, and I absentmindedly got a piece and started cutting it up for him and putting it on his plate! And to make it worse, I spooned gravy on his rice! I was halfway through before I realized he was staring at me and my fellow managers were laughing at me. I wanted to die. My teammate said, ‘Sorry sir, she’s a mom!” Kathy Dumagpi, mom of 2 boys under 7

Pasalubong, please

“On the way home from a family trip from Ilocos, my toddler threw up in the car. I changed the shirt, put the soiled one in a paper bag, and forgot about it. The next day I told the maid to prepare my pasalubong for my officemates. She handed me several paper bags… can you see what’s coming?! I distributed the pasalubong and let’s just say someone didn’t like what he got hahaha!” – Raine Pimentel, mom of 2


That moment when you realize you should stop watching The Wiggles

“I didn’t realize I was singing Wheels on the Bus, with the weird noises, really loudly in my cubicle.  Lakas maka-LSS. My teammate said, ‘Ok ka lang?” I must’ve sounded crazy. – Jordan Corazon, mom of 1 toddler

It’s time your time to shine!

“The kids and I leave together in the morning – the driver drops off the kids, then me. Last Christmas my daughter made this super-glittery school project. I think we used about 5 bags of gold glitter, and we stayed up until 3 am finishing it. I held it during the drive because I was afraid it would get crushed, and I was sooooo sleepy and tired that I didn’t notice that the glitter had fallen all over the place. I was also running really late so I just jumped out of the car when I reached the office so I could make it to my meeting! I sat through all the Powerpoints and then someone whispered to me, ‘Holiday look?’ Only then did I look in my makeup compact and realize I had gold flecks on my dress, my hair, my face and neck. I looked like a Christmas ball!”  – Michelle Alfonso, mom of 3

I should’ve worn black

“I was breastfeeding and didn’t get a chance to pump because I was stuck in traffic. I started leaking really, really badly. By the time I got to my client’s office, my entire shirt was drenched and I think I smelled like milk! It’s a good thing my client is a mom too and she understood, although I think I felt more embarrassed when she offered to lend me a shawl. Lesson learned: don’t wear a thin white shirt to work while you’re breastfeeding!”  Frances Reyes, mom of 1

Like a Boss

“My company had sponsored a movie premiere and I brought my kids. My preschooler started having a tantrum in the theater and I took her out and started scolding her, really annoyed, about how embarrassing it was and to please stop it. She started screaming, and I lost it too.  It was not my calmest mom moment! So imagine my horror when I turned around and saw my boss and the client was were just a few steps away, trying to pretend they couldn’t hear. I wanted to die!” Sarah Chua, mom of 2




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